Easy Mirror

by Spissy

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released January 13, 2017

Engineered by Mark Edlin & Tim Smiley at Primary Sound Studios
Mixed by Tim Smiley at Blockhouse Studios
Mastered by Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recording
All songs written by Spissy
Kristin Olsen played congas on 'Like a Wheel'
Durand Jones played saxophone on 'Cruising Paradise'
Artwork by Greg Burak



all rights reserved


Spissy Bloomington, Indiana

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Track Name: Easy Mirror
Left and right
Until it's out of sight
The question's framed
but it's all the same

Hard on yourself until there's nothing left
Kick the habit of getting off your chest
Something deep inside, do you feel alright?
Rattle out the roost raving around tonight

Easy Mirror
Someone near
Going clear
It's not here

Forever by my side finding some new play
Run around the things that were hard to say
Felt a little sore with your open knee
Shuffle up the cards so carefully

I'm tired of the time living in my brain
Anxious minds find it hard to say
Trances of the blast until there's nothing left
Cooking up my brain it's so hard to guess
Easy mirror in a different way
Nothing gold's ever here to stay
What to do when you're feeling fine
Keep the water rising off your mind
Track Name: Nothing Boy
Living the trash bag lifestyle
worked for a little while
Now you're barely getting by
Cruising the weirdo life
Working from the sun rise
until the brink of night
Can't put a finger on it
Don't know what you want
You could get it but it won't feel right

As a nothing boy
Can't do nothing boy
As a nothing boy

Living the middle line
never gave you time
Now look at the blood, the shit you're coughing up
but it won't change your line
I have hope for the ones
Who live by their hunch
but giving up is enough to win my love
and so is having fun

As a nothing boy
Can't do nothing boy
As a nothing boy

Where you going with all that cash?
Where you going looking like that?
What you gonna do with all that trash?
Where you going with all that cash?
Track Name: Like a Wheel
Sometimes you feel like a wheel
Spinning in emotion
Other time, more alive
but it's fleeting like the ocea

Where are you?
Without a pot to piss in
Where are you?
You gotta keep believing

Life is hard and work is long
Aching every muscle
Everybody wants to accomplish and belong
Be rewarded for their hustle
I am just the same
I hurt and I complain
without even a thought of it
But who's to blame when a broken heart remains
and nothing can be done of it?

Where are you?
Wanting for no reason
Where are you?
Hating every season
Track Name: Say Hello
I've been thinking a little too much
Like maybe all I've got
isn't enough
I get down about it
But does me no good
Cause I can't do without it
But I feel like I should

Then something overtakes me
and I go there
My passing time conflates me
and I go there
You've gotta say hello to the bottom of hope
and go there

You've been working out the numbers
Waiting in line
The distance you kept from us
will do it each time
I can't be above it
drawing that line
and I get low because it isn't all mine
Track Name: Cruising Paradise
I don't repeat it
It's all the same
Outstretched and seeded
You can't explain
I went in sideways
I couldn't dive
Trapped out entirely
I'm coming by

You bow in secret
You doubt in vein
I couldn't see it
I couldn't blame

I was defeated
Cruising the same
Outstretched the feeling
Outstretched the blame